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Parent Teacher Association

Welcomes you to our School!

Holy Trinity C.E. Primary School has had a successful, committed, hardworking P.T.A. for many years. It was first set up to assist with the running costs of the School Swimming Pool a huge asset for such a small school! Over time the PTA has been able to fund much more, supporting other areas of the children’s education too and as such have equipped the school with many resources, including;

  • Playground storage
  • Outside sunshade
  • Benches
  • PA system
  • Staging
  • Reading books                                                                                                                                                                                  As well as one off purchases we have also been able to continually pay for;
  • New starter book bags and water bottles
  • Year 6 leavers book
  • Panto & Beach trip travel                                                                                                                                                            We have a number of fundraising events which take place throughout the year, these include:
  • Movie & Munch – Children enjoy a film and snack after school which generates approx. £200 each
  • Bags for Schools – The collection of unwanted clothing paid by the Kilo amounted to £228 this year!
  • Discos – Held twice a year on a Friday evening, with our tradition dance off between the girls and boys! These are thoroughly enjoyed by all the children with hot food, sweets, tattoos available, raising approx. £600 a year.
  • Christmas & Summer Fair – A good celebration with food, games and much more. A little bit more organisation required but well worth it for the cash generation!
  • Tea & Cake Sales – Always popular at Sports day and during the KS1 Nativity and KS2 Summer production.
  • Raffles – PTA non-uniform days are held in return for a raffle donation these maybe items for hampers, Easter eggs or tombolas. Tickets sold = winners all round! Our latest fundraiser “The Smartie Challenge” where children enjoyed eating the smarties in exchange for a returned tube of 20p’s generated an amazing £325!Even though we are a small school our PTA and families work extremely hard and as a result we have been hugely successful at raising funds to enhance our children’s education. For this to continue we really do need the support of parents so we welcome new faces to join us. You don’t need to be a regular committee goer and if you can only offer a few hours to help either before or during an event all help is greatly appreciated. If you do become an active PTA committee member, meetings are very informal and are approximately once a term, held before the end of the school day and young siblings are more than welcome to join us. We sometimes have cake too!! Meetings last about 45 minutes and serve the purpose of discussing events planned for the children for that term. There is no obligation to attend every meeting, and minutes of the meeting can always be e-mailed to you.
  • Please help us continue to go forward and support in any way that you can.Thanking you in anticipation,Debbie Leslie , Nicole Hurst and Charlotte Knevett
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Raise funds for free!


In 2014 we joined The Giving Machine, which is a not for profit enterprise whose sole aim is to raise money for UK schools and charities. Every single online shop when done via thegivingmachine will generate free cash donations so please join as a giver at;


…and select your beneficiary as;


 Holy Trinity C.E. Primary School Eight Ash Green & Aldham


Friends and family can also donate this way, so please spread the word!