School Staff
Miss Julie Ingram Executive Headteacher and SENCO
Mrs Katie Welsh Class 5 teacher and Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Sarah Rice Class 4 teacher and SLT
Mrs Emma Fox Class 3 teacher
Mrs. Deb Reed Class 3 teacher
Miss Elspeth Robson Class 2 teacher
Mrs Robyn Murray Class 1 teacher
Miss Sophie Berryman Class 1 teacher
Miss Sara Alba MFL Teacher
Ms Elaine Peaston-Jones Office Manager/Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs Lisa Austin Clerical Assistant
Mrs Linda Mace Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Davies Catering Assistant and Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs Linda King Teaching Assistant / Senior Mid-day supervisor
Mrs Tina Roberts Mid-day assistant
Miss Rachael Webber Teaching Assistant / Mid-day assistant
Mrs Annette Howard Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jo Kelsey Teaching Assistant
Ms Kerry Oakes Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Andrea Lotter Catering Manager
Mrs Henrietta Guest SEND support
Mrs Liz Renton SEND support
 Miss Kelly Wakefield  Teaching Assistant
 Miss Hayley Whybrow  Teaching Assistant

      Sarah Rice and Jo Kelsey


Deb Reed, Annette Howard and Emma Fox

 SAM_3125Rachael Webber and Katie Welsh
Elspeth Robson and Linda King
Class 1

Robyn Murray, Sophie Berryman

and Hayley Whybrow