Accessibility Plan


Holy Trinity CE Primary School

1. This Accessibility Plan has been drawn up in consultation with the Local Authority, pupils, parents, staff and governors of the school.

2. We are committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to challenging negative attitudes about disability and accessibility and to developing a culture of awareness, tolerance and inclusion.

3. Holy Trinity plans, over time, to increase the accessibility of provision for all pupils, staff and visitors to the school. The Accessibility Plan will contain relevant actions to:

• Improve access to the physical environment of the school, adding specialist facilities as necessary. This covers improvements to the physical environment of the school and physical aids to access education.

• Increase access to the curriculum for pupils with a disability, expanding the curriculum as necessary to ensure that pupils with a disability are as, equally, prepared for life as are the able-bodied pupils; (If a school fails to do this they are in breach of the DDA). This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after-school clubs, leisure and cultural activities or school visits. It also covers the provision of specialist aids and equipment, which may assist these pupils in accessing the curriculum.

• Improve the delivery of written information to pupils, staff, parents and visitors with disabilities. Examples might include handouts, timetables, textbooks and information about the school and school events. The information should be made available in various preferred formats within a reasonable time frame.

4. We acknowledge that there is a need for ongoing awareness raising and training for staff and governors in the matter of disability discrimination and the need to inform attitudes on this matter.

5. The Accessibility Plan should be read in conjunction with the following policies, strategies and documents:
• Curriculum
• Equal Opportunities and Diversity
• Staff Development
• Health & Safety (including off-site safety)
• Inclusion
• Special Needs
• Behaviour Management
• School Improvement Plan
• Asset Management Plan
• School Brochure and Mission Statement
• Teaching and Learning File

6. The Action Plan for physical accessibility relates to the Access Audit of the School, which is undertaken regularly by the Local Authority. It may not be feasible to undertake some of the works during the life of this first Accessibility Plan and therefore some items will roll forward into subsequent plans. The audit will need to be revisited prior to the end of each first three-year plan period in order to inform the development of the new Plan for the following period.

7. As curriculum policies are reviewed, a section relating to access will be added to that on Equality and Diversity. The terms of reference for all governors’ committees will contain an item on “having regard to matters relating to Access”.

8. The School’s complaints procedure covers the Accessibility Plan.

9. Information about our Accessibility Plan will be published in the Governors’ Annual Report to Parents (statutory).

10. The Plan will be monitored through the Curriculum and the Premises Committees of the Governors.

11. The school will work in partnership with the local education authority (and Diocesan Authority, where appropriate) in developing and implementing this plan and will adopt in principle the “Dorset Accessibility Strategy, Access to Learning”.

12. The Plan will be monitored by Ofsted as part of their inspection cycle.