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Class 4

Summer Term in Class 4!


This term in Class 4 we have been learning about entertainment through the ages. We explored what it would have been like to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in Elizabethan times and wrote diary entries about our experiences. When we were thinking about modern day entertainment we looked at the Star Wars films and wrote a narrative from the point of view of a pilot exploring the planet of Jakku.

Globe diary entries

Globe diary entries 1
Globe diary entries 2
Globe diary entries 3
Globe diary entries 4
Globe diary entries 5

Star Wars Narratives

Still image for this video

Star Wars Narratives

Still image for this video

Star Wars Narratives

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We have been studying The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We re-wrote the story from the perspective of the different characters in the story and we also wrote newspaper reports about the death of the highwayman.

Highwayman newspaper reports

Highwayman newspaper reports 1
Highwayman newspaper reports 2
Highwayman newspaper reports 3
Highwayman newspaper reports 4
Highwayman newspaper reports 5
Highwayman newspaper reports 6
Highwayman newspaper reports 7

Autumn Term Class 4!


We have had a very busy first half term in Class 4. We have found out all about where chocolate is grown - the Rainforest!  


For our DT, we enjoyed finding out about the process of chocolate-making! We made and evaluated prototypes before making our final product. They were creatively designed and absolutely delicious.

Our Hand-made Chocolates

Christmas Fun in Class 4

Christmas Fun in Class 4 1 Our Christmas cards are lovely
Christmas Fun in Class 4 2 We are looking forward to our Christmas dinner.
Christmas Fun in Class 4 3 We all make Christmas hats ...
Christmas Fun in Class 4 4 and have fun with our friends.

Chocolate was first eaten (or rather drunk) in the Amazon. We found out about the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs who lived there.

Our Aztec Sun-Gods

Our Aztec Sun-Gods 1
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 2
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 3
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 4
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 5
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 6
Our Aztec Sun-Gods 7
Picture 1

Postcards from the Amazon

Postcards from the Amazon 1 We found out about the different layers.
Postcards from the Amazon 2 We know about the climate and the animals.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


In our English work, we have been using Roald Dahl's fantastic book as inspiration for our own writing. We have made our own Golden Tickets, written character descriptions and written newspaper reports about the finding of the final Golden Ticket!

Next, we will be writing imaginative and humorous stories based on the book.

Picture 1

Our Golden Tickets

Our Golden Tickets 1
Our Golden Tickets 2
Our Golden Tickets 3
Our Golden Tickets 4