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Curriculum at Holy Trinity

On this page you will find links to each class, for all terms this academic year. Here you will be able to view the curriculum content and topics studied by the children.

At the bottom of the page you can also find attachments containing our rolling program of study over 4 years, for KS2 classes and 3 years for KS1.

Each teacher leads a particular subject area and helps develop and monitor how it is taught. 

We review our curriculum regularly, to ensure it is stimulating for the pupils, at the same time as covering requirements from  the National Curriculum. 


To find out more about what your children are studying, do take a look at the class pages:


You can also find out more about the curriculum by viewing our policies page:

Curriculum Maps 2018-19

Curriculum Plans Summer Term 2018

Curriculum Map

At Holy Trinity we deliver a 4 year rolling program in KS2 and a 3 year rolling program in KS1.