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Narrative poetry


Beech class were asked to come up with their own narrative poetry written from the perspective of the character Lenore from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Please read the poem below which was sent in by Frankie Rushbrook. Great work Frankie!


My Beloved

By Lenore


Once upon a starry night, while I was watching my beloved dream, snoozing contently there he laid, I look at him with glee,

 I thought if I came a tap tap tapping and gently rap rap rapping on his chamber door he would sleep no more! I would mutter “’Tis some visitor, tap tap tapping at your chamber door, only this and nothing more”.


As he slept he smiled sweetly, I could only believe he was dreaming of all the fun memories we had, as a family us folk shared lot’s of excitement and glee, I could only imagine the pain he was going through without me, If only he could hear me whisper I am as happy, as happy could be knowing he is hear with me.


It was a pleasure seeing him once again, It brought lot’s of joy and happiness once again, as I look at him laying crashed, he suddenly shows a reaction, He jumps around, I think too myself what’s going on? Can he sense me here? As I would mutter “’Tis some visitor tap, tap, tapping at your chamber door, only this and nothing more”.


What did he recall? As I reach out to touch his warm soul. I feel the warmth on his hands, I think to myself Can he feel me? This isn’t a terror, this isn’t a fright, this is just me “tap, tap, tapping on your chamber door” no need to show no sorrow for I thee adore can he finally feel me and see I am happy, as happy, as happy as can be.


He opened his eyes and there I stand tall and pale in front of him, I smiled sweetly, as he glares back at me, pulling my hand away from, his I feel warmth and joy as I whisper “my beloved” I then vanished into mid darkness, as I no longer need to go tap, tap, tapping on his chamber door.  


Written by Frankie Rushbrook

Summer Term 2020

Life Through a Lens


This term our topic is arts based with a focus on creativity from the children. Despite the school closure the children of Beech class have still been working hard and have come up with some beautiful work.

Some of the children have been experimenting with photography and editing pictures on their computers.

Brother Andrew biographies

Researching different countries

There's been lots of cooking going on!

Spring Term 2020

It has been a busy start to the new term in Beech Class and the children have really hit the ground running after the Christmas break.


Our new topic this term is Protecting Our Planet for the Future and so far the children have really enjoyed learning about rain forests and finding them on a world map. As we go on through the term we will be finding out about pollution, deforestation and the surrounding issues and I am sure the children will continue to be passionate in their approach to finding solutions.


We have our class assembly coming up just before half term as well so we will be starting to practice this soon. I am really looking forward to seeing the children showcase some of the fabulous work they have done this year and I hope that many of the parents and families will be able to join us for this occasion.

We researched volcanoes and then worked in pairs to create non-chronological reports about them

Auden Dare, the main character in our class text, cannot see colour. We wrote kennings to describe some of the most colourful things we could think of...

AUTUMN TERM Beech Class 2019-2020


Mr Hawes, Mrs King, Mrs Guest and Miss Codd are all very excited to be working with the children in Beech Class this year. We've got a few familiar faces from last year and a whole bunch of new faces too, but we think that we have a really nice group of children and we are looking forward to working together to achieve our personal best this year.

Autumn term - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


We have begun thinking about our key concepts of wealth, power and responsibility which tie in with our topic this term of Ancient Egypt.


We began by finding definitions of each word in the dictionary and finding synonyms in the thesaurus. We then discussed what each concept meant to us.


These key concepts will underpin all of the work we do across the curriculum this term.

BMX Growth Mindset

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed our visit from a BMX World Champion. We learnt about perseverance, resilience, following your dreams and Mr Hawes learnt about going out of his comfort zone to learn a BMX stunt in front of the whole school! indecision

We have been using lots of resources in maths so that we can explain how we find the answers to calculations

Key stage 2 trip to the British Museum

A big thank you to all the children who brought in their fantastic homework projects!

In English we have begun working on instruction lists. We decided that recipes are types of instruction lists, so we wrote a set of instructions together for baking cupcakes.

In maths, we practised measuring out different masses and volumes so that we could measure out our ingredients accurately. 

Later on this week we will have a go at following our instructions. We will evaluate how effective the instruction list was and (hopefully) get to eat some yummy cupcakes! 

Measuring volume and mass