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Summer term 2021


This term our topic is Faster, Higher, Stronger as we turn our attention to the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. Our key concepts are community, tradition and passion. Beech Class have taken part in some fun and creative activities this half term and we have enjoyed being able to get outside for our learning when the weather has permitted.

In maths we have been measuring length, capacity and mass. The children enjoyed using measuring jugs and water to find the capacity of different containers.

We have also taken part in some cooking this half term. The children worked in teams to create a traditional meal from some of the previous Olympic host countries. We really loved cooking and tasting the food and Mrs Trew will be preparing the winning dish - vegetable chow mein - for a special Beech Class themed school dinner very soon!

We all went on an exciting adventure over a lava lake, across a rickety bridge that went over a shark infested sea, over a smoking volcano, through a creepy dark tunnel and through a haunted forest. It was all worth it in the end though because we got to roast marshmallows on a fire and we also wrote some fantastic narrative stories about our exploits!

Welcome to Beech Class


Spring term 2021


Our topic this term is Changes and our key concepts are stewardship, morality and changes.


This is a geography based topic which forms the 'explore' section of our curriculum which means that the children will explore changes in a range of different contexts. Our main focus will be on being good stewards of our planet and exploring the morality behind the choices which need to be made in order to look after Planet Earth for future generations. Alongside this we will also be exploring changes in music throughout history.


The children have settled back into school life very quickly and seem happy to be back. They have worked very hard throughout the school closure period and below you will find a selection of some of he great work that they have submitted. 

In science we tried to create a structure using 5 pieces of paper and some sticky tape which would support the weight of a tennis ball. We found that the best way was to roll the paper into a tube as this gave it more strength. This replicates the way that the bones in our skeleton support our bodies.

Wellbeing week raps

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For wellbeing week the children wrote poems about themselves and why they are all individual, unique and wonderful. Some of the children turned their poems into raps and performed them. Here are some of the ones that were sent in.

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Welcome to Beech Class' page. We are thrilled to have the children all back in school and they have done us proud with their efforts and their attitude to learning.


Our topic this term is Crime and Punishment and our class text is Wisp: a story of hope.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed the book that we have been studying and have been completing Talk4Writing activities to help them learn the story and explore the emotions of the characters. They have also begun to adapt the story to create their own version of it and I am looking forward to reading what they produce.


As part of our topic we have begun exploring crime and punishment through the ages. The children have enjoyed hearing about some of the gruesome punishments that people suffered in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Tudor times.


We have had some brilliant class debates around our key concepts of justice, consequences and segregation. The children especially enjoyed deating whether Robin Hood was a hero or a villain and they came up with some really good arguments to back up their opinions.


All in all it has been a great start to the year so well done to all of the children!

We have been using lots of resources to help us with our addition calculations

The children created freeze frames to help them explore the emotions of the characters in our class book, Wisp.

We made posters to help us learn the different word classes