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Beech Class

2021 - 2022

(Years 3 & 4) 


Our create project for this term is called:

Let's Celebrate!

Our Key Concepts are: 

Pride, Loyalty & Service

This term's Arts-based project will be focused around the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We will be starting off by looking at Her Majesty's reign and creating timelines of the most significant events. We will also be looking at the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Commonwealth charter. In Art, we will be designing and printing our own stamps to mark this historic occasion.

At the end of term, we will be having a special, whole-school Jubilee Picnic. We will be designing and sewing our own bunting to hang up at this event. We will also be researching and making food items from around the Commonwealth to eat at the picnic. 



Our class text for this term is The Proudest Blue by Olympic Medalist and social justice activist Ibthaj Muhammed

The book is a powerful, vibrantly illustrated story about the first day of school, two sisters and one's first day of wearing a Hijab.

So far we have been exploring stories from different cultures, which include Nigeria and Jamaica.


This term in Science we are looking at light (Yr 3) and electricity and sound (Yr 4). 

So far in , we have looked at the difference between light and dark as well as different sources of light, for example, the sun.





This term our explore project is called: 

How Can We Plan For The Future?

Our Key Concepts are: 

Democracy, Reform & Growth

Our project this term is geography-based. We will begin by exploring the contrasting country of Cuba. Cuba is an archipelago with an interesting history. It is a communist state which is beginning to open up to the western world and welcome tourists. We will be comparing it with our own country and thinking about how we plan for the future of our town and Essex, including looking at local government planning and sustainable building design to take us into the future.



Our class text for this term is The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom McLaughlin

The book tells the story of a boy called Joe who accidentally ends up becoming Prime Minister when he tries to save the park where his Mum works, from closure.

We have been exploring what it would have been like be Prime Minister and have been researching how to write our own manifesto's.





This term in Science we are looking at living things and their habitats, including humans (Yr 3) and classification of plants and animals, plus teeth (Yr 4). 

So far in , we have looked at the life processes of living things and how to classify them. We have begun to create our own interactive pop up book and climate awareness posters



Autumn Term 2021 

This term our project is: "Who Do You Think You Are?" Our Key Concepts are: Belonging, Individuality and Transformation. We will be discovering the history of our local area and how it has transformed over time. So far, we have thought about what our key concepts mean to us. 

In English, we are enjoying reading our class text: The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. So far, we have enjoyed reading the first couple of chapters. We have been basing our work on the characters in the story and researching the author, Philip Pullman. 


In Maths, we have been working on recapping our knowledge and understanding of Place Value. We have used Base 10 materials to support us with our learning.