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Welcome to Chestnut class this year. It feels wonderful to welcome back all the children after an extended break from school. We have lots of exciting plans in store for the Autumn term and we look forward to sharing these as they unfold during the forthcoming weeks.

This term, our class book is the children's classic 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. So far, the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book following the adventure of Jim Jarvis. This term's topic is 'Crime and Punishment'. The 3 key concepts associated with our topic are consequences, injustice and segregation. We are going to learn about are 'Consequences', 'Segregation' and 'Justice' as we discuss how Crime and Punishment changed through the various times in history.

WELL DONE to Ezekiel! He completed all 20 books last year on our 'Class Bingo Challenge'! Due to completing this challenge, he got to choose a book to keep from a selection of books. Well done Ezekiel.

The Children were excited to receive a message of encouragement from one of our book bingo authors (Jennifer Killick) . She kindly sent through 3 additionally postcards which will be rewarded to the first 3 readers of a bingo line. Good luck everyone!

Following the success of last year's 'Reading Bingo Challenge, we have set Chestnut Class 20 new exciting titles to enjoy reading in order to gain a range of rewards.

Due to the IT issues the school are currently experiencing, the work for Chestnut this week has now been uploaded to the class page. Our IT company have been contacted again this morning and hopefully the issue with google classrooms will be resolved ASAP.


Our project focus of 'Life Through a Lens' has an arts based focus specifically looking at photography. The three key concepts within this focus are media, spiritually and beauty. Despite the closure of the school due to Covid 19, Chestnut class have been working extremely hard by completing tasks at home. Here are some of the amazing things they have been doing...  


The children produced a mind map to explain the meaning of our 3 key concepts.

One of the project 'Life through a Lens' tasks was to create the history of the camera in chronological order. Here is a super example of our work.

The science focus this term is 'Properties and Change'. Here are some of the children's photos to show the results of the 'How to grow a rainbow' and Lava Lamp' experiments.

Alongside the experiments, the children have been writing a profile on a famous scientist.

Here are some of the fantastic powerpoints produced by Chestnut about Famous scientists.

As our topic is photography based, this is a good opportunity to share a few photos of Chestnut Class with their Blue Peter badges. The children produced several pieces of creative writing linked to 'Protecting our Planet'. They wrote a poem about saving the 'rainforest' by using less palm oil and a persuasive poster to reduce the amount of meat we eat in order to also help stop cutting down the rainforest. They all wanted to raise the profile of ways to save the planet so they wrote their own letter to Blue Peter to tell them all about it. They were rewarded with their very own 'ECO' Blue Peter badge for all their hard work.

During these difficult times, the children wanted to show their support for the NHS. They did this by producing posters to display at home. We also had one young lady making 'Scrubs' for the NHS workers. I was really proud of them all!

Anna from Chestnut wrote a brilliant acrostic poem using the message 'STAY AT HOME'

The RE this term began with a focus on a famous Christian 'Brother Andrew'. The children researched Brother Andrew and then produced their very own biography on him using their findings.

The children have also been working hard on Maths and English. In English, we have been reading our new class E-book 'Firebird'. As you can tell by the photos the children are rally enjoying it. We have also been using our maths skills to good use!

In true Design and Technology fashion, the children have also been baking cakes at home. They have been been following their own safety and hygiene guidelines to produce some excellent results!

During these difficult times, the school has strongly advocated exercise to make sure we stay happy and healthy. Chestnut Class have been keen on completing the Joe Wicks workout in the morning as well as other physical activities such as bike rides, walks and playing in the garden.

Chestnut have also been researching a country around the world and producing a fact file. Here some examples of their work...


The start of Spring term has seen the beginning of a new project focus. This term we are looking at 'Protecting our Planet for the Future' with the key concepts of sustainability, responsibility and choice. The class have been busy completing map work locating the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer. We have discussed the tropical climate in this area and how that results in the growth of a 'Rainforest'. The class have studied the 4 different layers of the Rainforest and the animals that live there. We have linked our project to English by writing a poem about 'Deforestation' using language techniques such as 'onomatopoeia'. In art, we drew Orangutans as this is linked with our project work on 'Deforestation'. Alongside this we discussed how the use of 'Palm Oil' has affected the Population of Orangutans.      

In English, we have a new class book 'Charlotte's Web'. We chose this book for it's link to our project work on the environment and because it features on our Class READING BINGO CHALLENGE which the children are very excited about!

In English, we have been using our drama techniques (Conscience Alley/Freeze Frames) to help with our understanding of our class book. We had a debate about whether Mr Arable should kill the runt (Wilbur) or not. Following this, the children were able to write diary entries from the perspective of Fern (the daughter of Mr Arable) who clearly didn't want any harm to come to the pig!

This term has seen our music specialist return, allowing the children to enhance their musical knowledge and skills playing the recorder.

In French this term, the children have been focusing on shape, colours, adjectives and prepositions. It's great to see the children really enjoying their lessons with our French specialist.

This term has seen the introduction of the PE 'Star of the Week'. The awards are weekly recognition of the children's work in their PE lessons across both Key Stages. The children's achievements are acknowledged in celebration assembly and then displayed on the PE noticeboard. The notice board also allows the children to see the forthcoming competitions; Inter-house (termly) and external sports fixtures.

Year 5 have been learning about Forces in Science. Today, we have looked at how different surfaces cause different levels of friction. We used force (Newton meters) to measure the amount of friction over the different surfaces.

In English, we have been using drama techniques such as hot-seating to help the children understand the feelings and motives of the characters from our class book Charlotte's Web. In this lesson, 'Fern' and 'Mr Zuckerman' were in the hot seat discussing their thoughts on the MIRACLE of Wilbur (pig) spinning webs.

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to Chestnut Class 2019-2020

When I arrived back after the summer holidays, it was great to see where Chestnut class had been during their break by reading their postcards.

To start the academic year, Chestnut class will be reading Phillip Pullman's The Firework makers Daughter. The children will be exploring their understanding of the book using a variety of writing genres and drama techniques.

Chestnut have already used their French knowledge by writing greetings and explaining where they live.

Year 5 enjoying a Growth Mindset lesson with Mike Mullens from the BMX Accademy

Autumn Half Term 2 - Chestnut class had the opportunity of showcasing all of their hard work so far this year with their Class assembly. The class used the format of 'Who wants to be a millionaire'. The class showed the school what a fantastic group of young people they really are - well done everyone!

This half term saw the introduction of our class 'BOOK BINGO'. The children have been encouraged to win a range of prizes by completing the reading challenge. All of the books listed are age appropriate and allows the children to widen their experience of different authors. Good luck everyone!

A number of children from Chestnut class took part in the school inter-house curling competition after school. It was a brilliant first experience of playing the sport for some. Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time. It was the members of the blue team that eventually won!

The whole of Key Stage 2 went to London to visit the British Muesum. The purpose of the trip was to enhance their knowledge of the Egyptians. The children got to experience the artefacts in the flesh! They were also lucky to experience a workshop all about mummification which was very informative.

Year 3 and 4 students from Chestnut class represented the school in the Stanway and Tiptree football competition. The school was really proud of how the boys played. The boys managed to finish 2nd in their group. A great achievement - Well done!

In Chestnut class this half term, we have been using a number of drama techniques to help the children understand our class book 'The Firework-Makers Daughter'. The children have used hot-seating, conscience alley and play scripts to allow them to further their learning.

The children have continued to broaden their knowledge of our key concepts; wealth, influence and power. They have exposed to using different genres of writing; diary entries,informal letters, story writing, play scripts and sets of instructions.