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Welcome to the Summer Term in Chestnut Class 



The project for this term is Faster, Higher, Stronger which has Olympics based theme. The 3 key concepts are Passion, Community and Tradition. The children wrote down their own examples relating to each key concept.

The children were asked to design a logo for the forthcoming 2021 Olympics Games in Tokyo. They researched the culture of the city to help with their designs.

The children have researched the lives of famous Olympic athletes. They identified the key features of a biography through reading a model text on Usain Bolt. Following their research they wrote a biography on Tanni-Grey-Thompson.

The children have been researching the news stories about whether the forthcoming 2021 Olympics will go ahead. The class split into two groups; group one; an argument to boycott the Games while the other half tried to convince us that the Games should still go ahead.

This term in Chestnut class, we are reading 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. The main character is the book is Bradley Chalkers who the children have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.

In order to help understand the main characters, the children hot-seated Bradley and Carla Davies. They devised questions for the characters to help understand their true feelings and motives.

Following the hot-seating, the children wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Bradley following his session with counselor - Carla.

This term in Science, the children have been studying Earth and Space. We started the unit by researching the planets in the Solar systems.

Welcome to the Spring Term in Chestnut Class 2021


This term we have had a geography based project 'CHANGES' . This has involved the children exploring climate change on Planet Earth. The underlying key concepts associated with this project were; Stewardship, Change and Morality. During the remote learning, the children have produced persuasive TV adverts educating the audience on ways to reduce our carbon footprint. They have also produced adverts to promote local shops which will also reduce our carbon footprint.      

English - 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'


This term has seen our class book change to The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf. The book is a story of friendship, hope and importance of kindness. A new boy joins a primary class. It transpires that the boy is a refugee from Syria. He has been separated from the rest of his family. His new friends come up with a daring plan to help reunited Ahmet with his family.  


The children have written several genres, diary entries from the perspective of Ahmet, a script between Ahmet and a classmate, a letter to the Prime Minister about refugees in the UK and newspaper report on a chapter from the book relating to bullying. 



This term has seen a focus on 'Livings Things and their Habitats' and 'Classification of plants and Animals'. We have been producing some cross curricula links between our science topic and project of CHANGES. We have researched the affect of Climate Change on a local animal (hedgehog) and an overseas animal (Polar Bear).    

Welcome to Chestnut Class 2020/21. It is wonderful to have all the children back in school after the summer break. Keep an eye out on our class page for our topic this term. Our class book is called 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty and our topic for this term is 'Crime and Punishment'.

The class topic for this Autumn term is 'Crime and Punishment'. The key concepts are: Consequences, Segregation and Justice. So far the children have been telling us about their knowledge of these 3 concepts.

The class book for this term is 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. As a class, they had the chance to ask Mrs Jarvis some questions about why she leaves Jim and acted out a conscience alley as a class to see if Jim should run away or not. The children are excited to see what happens next with Jim Jarvis in the book!

Book Bingo challenge 2020/21. Last year's Book Bingo engaged the children to read a variety of different books and we have decided to start the challenge again. Below is the list of the books that are on the challenge this year, best of luck!

Chestnut have had some post this week from some of the authors books' that are on the reading book bingo challenge.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ezekiel. Last school year he completed the book bingo challenge and for completing this challenge he got to choose a book from a selection. Great work Ezekiel, can any one else complete it this year?

During science, as a class we are investigating gases and their properties. We had 4 different fizzy drinks to see how much they weighed when they were fizzy and when they were flat.

During topic, Chestnut Class held an Anglo Saxon court. The Jury held each of the cases and made a final verdict after hearing all the evidence. All the punishments were in line with Anglo Saxon times.

On National Poetry Day, we listened to Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake poem. As you can see, the children loved listening to the poem and is a real favourite of ours. The school sent out a tweet on behalf of Chestnut class and Michael Rosen himself liked the tweet.

Since the beginning of October, Black History Month has been a feature in Chestnut Class. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the different activities. In English, we have written biographies for Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela. During 'guided reading' we have studied the lives of Mae.C.Jemison and Lilian Baber.

The class are super proud of their written work this week. We have written our very own 'Chapter 16' related to our class book 'Street Child'.

This half term, has seen the children develop their writing across a variety of genres; persuasive writing - in the form of posters for Dr Barnardo's and diary entries - written from the perspective of the character, Emily.

In topic, the class produced their own curse tablet. The class learnt that in Roman Britain crimes were punished using curse tablet rather than being police or punished through court. Here are some examples of their work.

During English, Marcus Rashford managed to visit the school to answer some question on his new campaign for free school meals. The children were excited to ask questions to Marcus while he was in the hot-seat. This session will help them to write their newspaper report on the story.