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Welcome to Chestnut Class

(Year 4 & 5)

             2021 - 2022 



This term our history-based project is called:

'Who Do You Think You Are?'

The key concepts we will be exploring further are: belonging, individuality and transformation. We will be discovering how our local area has transformed over time, from the time when the Romans conquered up to the present day. We will be thinking about the individual characteristics and features of our town and surrounding area. 


In English, our class book is 'The Night Bus Hero' by Onjali Q. Rauf. It is a story about a boy who is very naughty but wants to transform his life and become good. We have enjoyed reading about Hector and thinking about what we have found out about him so far. He often bullies other children at school, alongside two of his friends. We have been thinking about what bullying is and what we can all do to prevent it as well as what we can do if we are bullied. We have looked at a variety of anti-bullying posters to gain ideas to create our own to put up around school. 


In Science this term, we are investigating and exploring materials. In Year 4 we are looking at States of Matter, and in Year 5 we are looking at Properties and Changes of Materials. So far, we have enjoyed investigating soluble materials and looking at the properties of solids, liquids and gases.  

In R.E. this term, we are looking at Christianity and Hinduism and making comparisons between both faiths. So far, we have been exploring what 'faith' means, especially to Christians.