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Welcome to Chestnut Class

(Years 4 & 5) 

Summer Term 2023

This term our project is a 'Create' project based on the arts. It is called...

'Lights, Camera, Action! 

Our key concepts are: Transformation, Media and Creativity 


This term in English, our class text is called 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by Kate DiCamillo. The story focuses on a china rabbit who finds it hard to love and show compassion. After falling overboard the Queen Mary, Edward goes on a long journey where he encounters many different new 'owners' and he experiences a transformation where he learns what the true meaning of love is. 

Spring Term 2023

 This term our project is called 'A Place Called Nowhere' and our key concepts are: Oppression, Prejudice and Compassion 



A refugee is a person who is forced to flee their country because of war, persecution or natural disaster. 

We found out that some famous people were once refugees, such as: 

Anne Frank, Jesus Christ, Mo Farah, Rita Ora, Albert Einstein, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley and Jackie Chan. We create fact files about their lives and their time as a refugee.


In English this term, our class text is:

The Boy at the Back of the Class

by Onjali Q. Rauf.

The story is about a boy called Ahmet who is a refugee. The story is told through the eyes of a narrator, who is in Ahmet's class and tries, along with his best friends, to make Ahmet feel safe and welcome in the UK. 

We have been writing our own version of chapter 6 where we imagined that the narrator has a dream about Ahmet and how and why he came to London. 

In Maths this term, we have been exploring fractions. In Year 4 we have been identifying equivalent fractions, including fraction models and diagrams. In Year 5, we have been converting improper fractions to mixed-number fractions and vice versa. 

Autumn Term 2022

Our Discover Project this term is called:

'They Came, They Saw, They Conquered!'

Our key concepts are Duty, Strength and Protest.

This term we are excited to be discovering what life was like during the Roman invasion of Britain. We will be finding out about the power and strength of the Roman army, the impact that they had, particularly on Colchester, and what legacy and evidence they have left behind.


In English, we are reading our class book 'Empire's End: A Roman Story' by Leila Rasheed. So far, we have learnt that our main character Camilla has travelled from Leptis Magna, in the furthest corner of the Empire all the way to Britannia. Sadly her mother was lost at sea during a storm whilst crossing the Mare Britannicum and Camilla is desperately missing home and the warmth of the Libyan sunshine. 

In Maths we are working on our knowledge of number, focusing on place value. We have been using Base 10 materials and place value counters to aid our understanding and can read and write Roman numerals to at least 1,000. 

In Science this term, Year 4 children are working on Electricity and understanding circuits.

In Year 5 we are working on Forces. We have conducted investigations on gravity and friction. 


In R.E. this term, we are exploring the enquiry question: 

Is it reasonable to believe in God?

We have considered different views and where people get their faith from. We have been recording our thoughts and questions on our R.E. 'Wonder Wall'..

We are all enjoying reading our new class Book Bingo challenge texts....