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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence from School

We operate the policy of First Day Contact at school. This means that if your child is absent for any reason please let the school office or class teacher know either in advance or on the first day of illness. We suggest you telephone the school as early as possible to inform us of the absence if you are unable to send in a letter that day. If a child is absent and the school has not received an explanatory message by 9.30 am a member of staff will contact the child’s home/place of work to confirm that the child is safe. If this course of action fails to identify the whereabouts of the child in question then the Police/Social Services may be informed.


Please ensure that your child is collected promptly at 3.15pm or following attendance at an after school club.

It is essential that parents inform the class teacher by letter or Class DoJo if any of the following arise: 1. Absence or lateness of a child (Even if previously notified by telephone)

2. Parents wishing to exclude their child from any school activity such as P.E.

3. Parents requesting permission to collect their children from school during the school day.

4. When children are suffering from verrucae, athlete’s foot or other foot problems

5. Children with head lice should remain at home until they have been successfully treated.


Children are not permitted to leave the school between the hours of 8.50am and 3.15pm unless accompanied by an authorised adult. 


For a request for leave of absence for you child, during term time, a form can be obtained from the schcool office which you will need to complete with an accompanying letter. 


DfE Guidance


The DfE, school and Local Authority view 96% as minimum expected attendance.

The DfE school and Local Authority view attendance at 90% and below, as persistent absence, which is likely to result in a penalty notice.

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