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Welcome to Maple Class

(Year 6)  

Welcome to the start of the Autumn Term 2020. We are thrilled to be back in school again for what will be our final year at Primary School. 

We are really excited to have Year 6 jobs. Here we are receiving our job offer letters from Mrs Daniels...


Our new project for this term is...

Crime and Punishment

So far, we have begun to look at the history of crime and punishment from the Roman times to the present day. After half term, we will be looking at how technology has influenced the way that crimes are detected and solved nowadays. We will also be holding our own mock trial where we will be given the opportunity to act out the roles of the accused, the lawyers for the defense and prosecution, the judge, and of course, the jury. 


Through our project work, we are looking at the key concepts of segregation, justice and consequences.

These concepts tie in nicely with our class text 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo. This is a thought-provoking story set in South Africa against the backdrop of apartheid. In English, we have been finding out about apartheid and the consequences of it for black people living in South Africa from 1948 until1994, when apartheid was finally abolished. 



To enable the children to understand the full impact of apartheid, we have also read a children's version of Nelson Mandela's autobiography 'The Long Walk to Freedom'. We have researched his life story and used it to write biographies of this inspirational man. 

Our new hall display of our work on Nelson Mandela...

READ ALL ABOUT IT! These are some of our newspaper reports about Nelson Mandela's release from prison...

We love reading in Maple Class and have made a great start in our quest to complete our class Book Bingo challenge. 

As part of our R.E. drop-down week on the Creation and the Fall, we drew images of things that God created onto jigsaw puzzle pieces which we then put back together to symbolise that we all fit together as part of God's amazing creation.