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Welcome to the Summer Term in Maple Class. The theme for this term The Arts: Music and Computing. The Theme title is ' Lights, Camera, Action. The key concepts linked to the theme are creativity, transformation and action.

This terms class book is 'The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh' by Helen Rutter. The book is based on a boy called Billy Plimpton who has aspirations of being a stand up comedian. However, one thing stands in his way, his stammer. The book was chosen linked to the key concept of 'transformation' in the hope that Billy manages to deal with his stammer in a positive way.

Welcome to Spring Term. Our project this term 'A Place Called Nowhere' has a geographical theme which focuses on the movement of refugees. The Key Concepts that run alongside the project are Oppression, prejudice and Compassion. Our class book was specifically chosen based on the key concepts. When Hitler called Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr is based on a true story and tells the story of a Jewish family forced to leave Germany before the break out of World War Two.

In English, the children used conscience alley to help decide whether Papa should leave his Jewish family in Germany whilst he escapes as a wanted man. The children followed this activity by writing a diary entry from the perspective of Papa.

The parents of Maple Class were invited in to see the children at work. Mr Byford and the children help their grown ups complete questions using Long Division is Maths. The grown-ups were shock about how challenging their work in Year 6 was!

IN Science, the children have been learning about the impact of exercise on our bodies. To help their understanding we completing an experiment to see how our heart rate changed after 5 minutes of exercise. Mr Byford joined in too!

In project, the children were asked to run for in an election to be the next Roman Emperor. They had to prepare their on manifesto for their people. The children then carried out a democratic vote for the best candidate.

Maple Class took part in a Road Safety workshop run by Essex Council.

This week, the whole school was treated to a Rock Steady performance from several groups of children which included members of Maple Class. They were Rock-tastic!

Welcome to Autumn Term 2022-2023 in Maple Class!

This academic year started with the class writing to Mrs Daniels applying for their year 6 roles. The class were really excited to find out their responsibilities across the school.

This year sees a new role introduced. We now have 'Play Leaders' to help our school community at break and lunch. Here they are showcasing their new uniform.

The focus in project for the Autumn term will be 'They came, They saw, They conquered'. We will be finding out about why and how the Romans successfully invaded Britain and if they succeeded the first time that they tried. Also, who was in Britain when the Romans invaded and were they welcome. We will also be learning about Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans. In addition, we will be exploring how the Roman’s changed Britain under the influence of the various Roman Emperors. Finally, the children will have a Roman Day where they will experience the battle and roles of the different classes in society.

This term our class book is 'The Roman Quests - Escape From Rome' by Caroline Lawrence which tells the story of Juba who must escape Rome with his brother and sisters to Britannia.

In English we have begun by using the Talk 4 Writing model text 'Kidnapping' to help write a narrative text with suspense.

In Maths, the children have started the academic year by using manipulatives to solve place value problems.

The school had a surprise visit from Rocksteady to showcase their sessions to the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed it!