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Autumn Term Trophy Winners


Name of recipient:

Reason for award:



Jay Omigie



For coming back to school after half term with a new attitude towards his learning, he is keen to learn and take part in the different activities. This has helped him to make progress, especially within phonics. Keep up the good work Jay!


Year 1


Oscar McKelly

For coming back to school in September with a positive attitude towards his learning. He has made progress across the curriculum but especially within his writing. Well done Oscar!


Year 2




Archie McVeigh

For impressing us so much with his ‘have a go’ attitude, for always trying his very best and for always being a fabulous role model to others as well as a wonderful and kind friend. Amazing work, Archie.


KS1 Sport



Riley Stimson

For developing his ball skills in recent weeks and starting to gain a good understanding of how to work in a team. Also, for coming back to school with an attitude to get stuck in and involved in any sport we do in PE. Well done Riley.



Year 3



Elizabeth Olajumoke

Elizabeth has made a very good transition up to Key Stage 2. She takes great pride in all of her work, always striving to do her personal best. Her presentation is always very neat too.


Year 4



Kayla Hooton

Since September, Kayla has shown a fantastic attitude towards all of her work, in particular a brilliant Growth-Mind-set with regard to Maths.


Year 5



Lilly Richards

Lilly has demonstrated a mature attitude towards her learning, working well both individually and collaboratively. This has resulted in excellent progress, particularly in English. 


Year 6




Kerr Hocking-Semper

For making super progress this term and for returning to school, following lockdown, with a positive attitude towards his learning and a determination to do his best in all areas of school life. Very well done Kerr!


KS2 Sport



Nathan Webber

For being an asset in his team for inter-house dodgeball and turning into an all-round sportsmen who is willing to give every sport a try and trying to help others develop in his class. Keep it up Nathan





Willow LePage

For her fantastic attitude to performing the songs in our Nativity. She was one of the first to learn them and has performed each song with enthusiasm. Well done!


Hiett Cup for Creativity


Caitlin Thompson

For super work in English this term. Caitlin has produced some super creative story writing, paying close attention to ensure that she creates vivid description for the reader. Great work Caitlin!


Hann Cup for embodying the values of Holy Trinity

Lily Manning

For being a wonderful role model to others. She is always smiling, always enthusiastic and always gives every challenge her best effort.

Milbank Cup for Drama/the arts



Seren Jones

For a fantastic attitude to our Nativity performance. Seren was one of the first to learn her words and has performed them brilliantly and with fabulous expression. Well done!