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Celebration Assembly 1st December 2023

Congratulations to this week's certification winners for all their efforts with work and learning behaviour: 

Willow Class: Frankie 

Beech Class: Olivia Darrah & Jayden Stirrup 

Chestnut Class: Louis Swanson 

Maple Class: Finley Oliver, Willow LePage, Joshua Wright & Lana Barr

Book Bingo: 

4 in a row: Florence Clarke-Dyer, Kayleigh Cartwright, Rika Mbvundula, Oscar McKelly, Milani Hollingshead, Ivy Mullins, Molly McKelly, Fred McInnes

10 books: Sophia Jameson, Laelle Chun, Rose Barry, Oscar McKelly, Fred McInnes, Molly McKelly

Times Tables Badges: 

Gold: Tadi Jena, Dolcie Peacock, Olivia Walker, Oscar Stevens

Platinum: Jack Barry

Diamond: Parker Johnston, Emma Barrow, Maisie Bell, Daniel Rotaru