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Summer Term

The Great Outdoors


This term unfortunately due to Covid19 Oak class have been working from home and they have been very busy! Have a look below at all of the fabulous work that they have been doing.

In Maths, Oak class have been practicing ordering their numbers to 20 in a number hunt, solving addition and subtraction calculations and ordering containers based on their capacity. We are going to have some excellent mathematicians in our class! Here are some pictures of their hardwork.
In Literacy, the children have been looking at the book Tidy by Emily Gravett and writing their own poems about things that are special to them. As well as this, the children have been completing set phonics actvities and enjoying reading at home.
For Science, they have been looking at plants, specifically learning about what plants need to grow. They have been so insipred by the topic that many of children have started growing their own plants. Also in their gardens as part of the DT project the children have been creating their own sensory gardens. Their gardens will look beautiful by the end of lockdown!
As well as being busy with all of the activities above the children have definitely been trying lots of new things by creating their own pieces of art, baking some delicious cakes, making their own playdough, creating their own lava lamps and practicing riding their bikes!

Spring Term

The children have all settled in well after the Christmas break with a fabulous attitude to learn lots of new and exciting things.


This term our topic is.....

Protecting our planet for the future.

As part of our topic this term we will be focusing on three key concepts of responsibility, sustainability and choice within our topic of rainforests.

We are looking forward to discovering all of the animals, plants and trees that live in the rainforest and how we can work together to look after them and the rest of the planet.





Meerkat Mail

This term we are looking at incorporating different animal stories into our Literacy learning. Since returning from Christmas we have completed lots of work about the story of Meerkat Mail. The children have really enjoyed using their phonic knowledge to create factfiles about Meerkats and enjoyed creating their own Meerkats in art.


Within Literacy we have also been looking at non-fiction books. The children have been doing a fabulous job of recognising the difference between fiction and non-ficition and we have been using some of them to help us find out cool facts about animals and rainforests!


The children have all been working really hard learning to solve addition and subtraction calculations using many different forms of apparatus and playing fun games! We definitely have some keen mathmaticians in Oak class!

Today the children were learning about Pancake day and why it is an important day in the Christian calendar. They all had a fabulous time making their pancakes and definitely enjoyed eating them, they said that they were delicious!

As part of our work on Pancake Day we also had a look at other celebrations around the world that happen on exactly the same day. Connecting this to our topic, we decided to look at Brazil and the Mardi Gras festival. 

Having looked at Mardi Gras, the children made excellent masks and we had our own little carnival in the classroom!

The children really enjoyed their animal experience, looking closely at all of the animals! The children were all very brave and had a go at stroking the snakes.

Oak Class

(Reception and Year 1)

Autumn Term 2019

This term our project is....


As part of our topic this term we will be focusing on the three key concepts of community, consequences and value within our topic of the Great Fire of London. We are looking forward to finding out how the people of London came together as a community after the fire and exploring the meaning of an object that is ‘special’.

The children have all settled in really well.

As part of their French lessons they have started off by learning the french words for colours.

The Great Fire of London

As part of our learning on the Great Fire of London the children had lots of fun pretending to be bakers by making their own bread and cupcakes. The children were very excited about writing down the recipes they had learnt. They also had the chance to experience what it would be like to live in a tent, just as many people did who had lost their homes because of the fire.

They enjoyed eating the bread they had made inside their tents!

In the last week of November, Oak class, alongside the rest of Holy Trinity took part in an RE week where they were looking at the theme of Incarnation in the Bible.

During that week, the children spent time looking at the true meaning of Christmas and what this time of year means for Christians.

First they looked at the Christmas story, discussing what happened in the story and using puppets to act it out.

Later in the week we looked at what the children do with their families at home around Christmas and what they think is the most precious/favourite gifts that they have been given over Christmas.

From this discussion the children were asked to think about the question 'What do you think Christians believe is the best present around Christmas?'


Since November the children have been putting a lot of time and effort into practicing for their Christmas nativity. They have all worked really hard to remember all of the songs, actions and their lines. Great job Oak class!

In the spirit of the nativity the children have all become very excited about Christmas. They have been busy writing their letters to Santa to post in the post box, making paper chains to decorate the classroom and making Christmas cards using a computer.