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Welcome to Oak Class 2020



Summer Term

This term our art-based project is Faster, Higher, Stronger. 

Our key concepts are:

 Tradition, Adversity and Passion 


This term we will be learning about the Olympics and Paralympics and thinking about the question:


How have the athletes overcome adversity?


The children in Reception had a go at finger painting the Olympic rings:


In English, we have been looking at lots of different traditional tales.


We read the story of Thumbelina and then used Talk 4 Writing to create a story map and act out the story together. 

We then created some freeze frames for different scenes in the story, thinking about what they characters might be thinking and feeling. 

The Year 1 children have used Thumbelina as the basis for their own traditional tale. They have thought of their own characters for the story and changed some of the plot. 


In science we have been learning all about plants. We had a look at some different plants and looked at all the different parts. The children painted the plants and labelled the different parts. 


We have been learning about Japan and Japanese art. The children followed a tutorial to make characters in manga style. We then had a go at using this style of art to draw self-portraits. Have a look at their brilliant work below. 

Spring Term

This term our project is Geography-based and it is all about Under The Sea. Our key concepts for this term are:

Change, Morality and Stewardship


This term we will be considering the importance of looking after the oceans and the effects that plastic pollution can have on our oceans.

As part of our topic we have been considering what happens when we drop litter on the ground. We have thought about the question: is it morally right to drop litter?


To see what happens to litter when it gets dropped we have buried some food peel, tin foil, plastic and paper in the ground and have left it for 2 weeks. We are investigating which of the items are biodegradable, and which ones will still be there when we dig it back up. 

Have a look at our predictions below:


In English we have been researching The Great White Shark and written some non-chronological reports using lots of different facts. We were challenged to find a wow fact that we did not think anybody else would know. 

Have a look at some of our amazing writing:



Eco Week

This week has been eco week in school and we have been busy thinking about how we can help our environment. 

We have thought about how we can reduce our plastic consumption and recycle plastic that has been used. 


We have turned plastic bottles into plant pots and bug houses and made turtles out of recycled materials. 

Autumn Term

Welcome to Oak Class 2020 Autumn Term. 

This term our topic is Remember, Remember... As part of this topic we will be focusing on 3 key concepts: democracy, rights, and sacrifice. We will be looking at the lives of significant individuals including Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Guy Fawkes. 


In Science we have been investigating different materials and their properties. We have been conducting experiments to find out which material would be best for flying a kite, using tissue paper, plastic, cardboard, and tin foil. The children made predictions about the materials and then tested their stretchiness, strength, and how waterproof they were. We decided that plastic would be the best material for kite making as it doesn't rip very easily and it is waterproof!



The children have been having lots of fun with Mr Bolton in PE. They have been using balloons and bean bags to practice their throwing and catching skills.

Guy Fawkes

We have been looking at Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot as part of our topic work Remember, Remember... 

We have looked at the story and considered why we celebrate fireworks night on the 5th November.

We have created some fireworks art using watered down paint and straws