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Welcome To Oak Class 2021-22

Summer Term

This term our create project is art and DT based and is titled


Let's Celebrate


Our key concepts for this term are:

Loyalty, Service, Pride


As part of our project work and in preparation for our Jubilee Tea Party, we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her duty as Queen. We have learnt about her life and created fact files and found out about some of her different duties as Queen. We have watched some videos of the Queens coronation and had used drama to act it out. 


In English we have been reading The Queen's Knickers. We have used Talk4Writing to retell the story with pictures and actions. We have then used our pictures and actions to begin writing our own version of the story. Have a look at some of our brilliant writing below.


We have been focusing on numbers and number bonds during our math's work this term. We have been finding different ways to make numbers to 5 and 10. We have also been learning how to write down a number sentence to show our findings. 


In science we have been learning about solids, liquids, and gases. We have learnt about the different properties of solids, liquids, and gases by pretending to be the particles moving about. We have been on a scavenger hunt around the classroom and outdoor area to see what solids, liquids, and gases we can find. 

Spring Term

This term our explore project is geography based and is titled


What Should We Build?


Our key concepts for this term are:

Growth, Community, Diversity


As part of our project work we have been thinking about the different types of houses that we find in our local area. We have been exploring maps to find out about our local environment. We investigated where our school was on a world map, and looked in more detail at Eight Ash Green to identify key buildings. 

We have also used a map of the school to try and find our way to the marked location on the map. 


We have been investigating time in Maths. We have been ordering the days of the week, thinking about which day is today, which day is it tomorrow, and which day it was yesterday. We are also beginning to investigate how we can measure time. We were challenged to see how many towers of 10 bricks we could build before the different timers ran out. We used our towers to see which timer was the longest amount of time and which was the shortest amount of time. 


We have been reading lots of traditional tales and exploring adjectives to describe the characters and the settings.

We have made warning posters about the troll who lives under the bridge in The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

Have a look at our posters underneath. 


This term we are learning about animals and their habitats. This half term we are learning about diurnal and nocturnal animals, and next term we will be learning about animals from hot and cold places in the world. 

Autumn Term

This term our project is history based and is titled


To Infinity And Beyond


Our key concepts for this term are:

Dreams, Resilience, and Failure

We will be exploring space this term. We will be learning about planets, stars, astronauts and rockets. 

We have begun the term exploring all the different areas of Oak classroom and our outdoor area, have a look at some of the activities the children have taken part in below.