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Being a Church School

What is a Church School? The former Archbishop of Canterbury explains :

“A Christian school is one in which the atmosphere has that kind of openness about it, that sense that people are worth spending time with, that people need time to grow, need loving attention. The Christian Gospel says that every person has a unique task to do, with God, and for God, whether they know it or not. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone involved has to share the same theology or philosophy. It doesn’t mean that everyone knows that they have this relationship with God, and is consciously working at it. But a Christian school is one in which the entire atmosphere is pervaded by a conviction that there is something mysterious, and potentially wonderful, in everybody.”

Holy Trinity School is situated within the parish of All Saints Fordham and Eight Ash Green Church of England. As a voluntary controlled church school, we are distinguished by our desire to encourage quality education through our vision.

The Church school SIAMS inspection awarded the school ‘outstanding ‘in July 2015. Our commitment to Christian education, Collective Worship and Gospel Values was recognised.

The church and school community regard themselves as interlinked and supportive of each other, with some of the local church members being part of the Governing Body.

The church provides a Schools Worker, Mrs Jeanette Miller who visits on a weekly basis to share Collective Worship with both pupils and staff. Children regularly visit the church for the annual Harvest Festival, Carol Service and Easter Service. These activities strengthen our Christian ethos and the church provides a welcoming atmosphere.



A Christian Ethos – A Nurturing Community – A Place to Thrive


What does a Christin Ethos mean?

Holy Trinity is a Church of England school, which welcomes all children whatever their family’s beliefs.

The school was built and founded by the local church. It was originally built next to the church on the Halstead Road. As you drive through the village you will notice the church with the white fence. In the past there was a close relationship with the church. Many elderly local residents, now in their 80’s, can remember going into the church every week for services as part of their school day. As the number of pupils increased, the school was eventually relocated to the present location in Fiddlers Folly.

Holy Trinity continues to be a school where there is a Christian Ethos. We aim to provide a good moral foundation for every child based on the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Bible. For example, the children will find out about the Ten Commandments. These are summarised by Jesus;

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength and Love your neighbour as yourself.” Mark 12 v 30. From this basis we have focussed on several distinctive Christin values which underpin the activities in school. These include,

Faith, Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Respect, Trust, Service, Courage, Justice, Perseverance, Truthfulness, Generosity, Friendship, Compassion and Thankfulness.

These are the half termly themes we use for our daily act of Collective Worship.

The local church of England supports the school in Collective Worship, also providing church Governors, a venue for seasonal services, a weekly lunchtime Jesus at School club and occasional prayer support. The church and school aim to work in partnership to keep a strong Christian ethos.

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