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Parent Council

Parent Council

As of January 2018, Holy Trinity has had a Parent Council.

Once every half term, during school hours, the council meet with Headteacher Ceri Daniels, to discuss relevant issues. The P.C. is not a fundraising body like the PTA, nor is it a monitoring or accountable body such as the Governors. The P.C. hopes to be the voice of the parents and to help with strategic ideas and support the school as it seeks to continuously improve.


A parent councils role is to:

· enable parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to school

· give parents a voice and enable them to contribute to school decision making

· help develop a partnership between parents and school

· consult parents and advise school leadership and/or governing body of parents’ views


Please talk to the council representative for the year group your child belongs to, as they can bring your questions or concerns to meetings.

We are still looking for parents council member for some year groups. We require a parent for each year  to have an effective group. 


Oak: Vacancy 

Willow:  Mrs Hozman

Beech:    Ms Foster

Chestnut: Mrs Franklin

Maple: Vacancy




Members can also be contacted via email:


Parent Council Members




We will:
Be supportive
Be solutions focused
Be open to ideas
Be approachable
Be good communicators
Be strategic and forward thinking
Be a voice for all parents

We will not:
Attend meetings for our own personal gain
Complain and moan
Be negative
Avoid other parents

Through embracing the school gospel values of Faith, Hope and Love, the Parent Council will help Holy Trinity be the best it can be and maintain an open and transparent relationship
 between home and school.



Since is start in January 2018, the parent council have had a significant impact and have been instrumental in the following changes:


1. Class names changed from numerical to tree themed 

2. Benches were purchased for parents to sit on while waiting to collect children

3. A years investigation into possible after school provision was undertaken

4. Parent friendly version of the school improvement plan

5. Parent offering to take an after school computer club

6. Supporting Holy Trinity's Got Talent