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School Council

School Council 2019-20

Congratulations to this years elected school council members:

Maple: Katie & Bobby

Chestnut: Callum & Anna

Beech: Harrison & Zara

Willow: Mia & Arche

Oak: Emmie


A good school council member is one who represents the views of all pupils and gets things done. They need to be good at lsitening and able to  communication ideas .

School councils have an important function as they are the 'voice of the pupils. School councils help to develop schools and put in place good suggestions from the wider school community. 


Head Boy & Head Girl

Our Head Boy & Head Girl are the Chairs of the school council and have to effectively lead the other pupils, supporting the younger members and helping to guide decisions in the best interests of the school.

The Head Boy & Girl are always our 'meet and greet' pupils, when we have visitors to the school as well as taking on a key role during worship in the hall on a daily basis. 

Katie (Head Girl) and Bobby (Head Boy)