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We Can Work Together

This term, our project in Willow class is 'We Can Work Together'.  As we find out all about the events of the Great Fire of London in 1666, we shall be considering what it means to be a community, what we value and what the consequences are of our actions.



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As part of our concepts community, consequences and value, we discussed people in our own community who are less fortunate than ourselves. We learnt about the Colchester food bank and collected food items. As our school council representatives, Mia and Archie then delivered the food packages to the food bank, where they learnt about why people might need to use the food bank and how the food is distributed. 

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Outdoor learning

This term, Willow have had a wonderful time using our outdoor space to enhance our learning. As part of our science topic on materials, we explored materials which are flammable. Children had great fun predicting which material was the most flammable and then testing their hypotheses on an open fire in our forest school area. We used this exciting experiment to link to our work on the Great Fire of London to explain why the houses were able to catch fire so easily and to explain which material was used to re-build London after the fire.

We have had great fun following recipes to make our own traditional flatbreads and to then cook them on an open fire, just as it would have been in the Stuart period. It was a great learning experience to show the children how long food would have taken to cook. We all thought they were delicious afterwards and used the experience to write some fabulous instructions.

We have used our forest school area to learn about the changes we see in nature in autumn and worked collaboratively to make a den for a pebble animal that we had painted. We cooperated to choose autumn objects that animals might need at this time of the year, either to protect them from the weather or to help feed them through the long, cold months of winter.

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RE Week - Incarnation

During the last week of November, Willow class, along with the rest of the school, spent a week learning about incarnation.

Willow class's key question was 'Why is Christmas important to Christians?'  We spent time learning looking at the first Christmas and searched for clues which showed that Jesus was a special baby.

We then found out about how Christians might prepare for Christmas and made our own advent wreaths which we used for reflection, a class advent calendar with kindness challenges and daily readings of the Christmas story and thankfulness paper chains.

At the end of the project we spent time thinking about what Christmas means for us.


All of Key Stage One have worked hard to learn songs, remember lines and perform a spectacular Nativity this year. Linked to our concept of ‘community’, the children invited local residents from a care home to watch their performance. The children enjoyed meeting the residents afterwards and of course, sharing a well earned treat!