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summer project

Our project this term is Let's Celebrate! 

Our key concepts are

pride   service   loyalty





Our project is linked to the Queen's platinum jubilee and we have started to sequence some of our monarchs in chronological order as well as thinking about the events that our own Queen has lived through.


We completed a scavenger hunt to find out lots of facts about our own Queen. Did you know she once owned 13 corgis?!  We will be using our research to help us when designing and making a class tapestry to commemorate her platinum jubilee next year.

There was much hilarity and amusement when we read the book The Queen's Knickers and discovered that a trunk of them had gone missing! We had lots of fun interviewing characters from the book to investigate who may have taken them and to help us with writing a diary entry from the viewpoint of the the Queen's knicker maid, Dilys.

In Maths, we have been learning about directions. We have used the beebots to programme different directions and types of turns as well as following an obstacle course. 

Spring term 2022

Our project is:

What can we build?


Our key concepts are:

growth         community            diversity

We had a brilliant start to our project, when we read Iggy Peck's Amazing book for Architects and predicted what we could do if we were stranded on an island.

We have enjoyed learning about the continents of the world and have started linking our concept of diversity to explain how polar and warm climates are different.

In English, we have been looking at different fairy tale homes. We have become estate agents and have learnt an advert to help us write our own persuasive text to sell the Gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel.


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Welcome to Willow Class

Year 1 and Year 2

Autumn Term 2021

Our topic is 

'To Infinity and Beyond...'

Our key concepts are

dreams   failure   resilience

This term, we are discovering how the dreams, failures and resilience of people who lived before us led to human beings being able to fly, even to the moon!  Whilst finding out about the history of flight from the Wright brothers to Neil Armstrong, we shall look to learn important life skills from these people so that we know what we can do if we have a dream or goal and experience failure.  In Willow Class, we shall discover how to aim high and be resilient when things get tough!


Rocket Goals

We coloured some fabulous rockets to remind us to aim high.  On them, we wrote a goal which we chose for this year.  Lots of us dreamt of becoming better writers or learning our times tables by heart.  We shall aim to achieve these goals by the end of the year.  

Can you spot the brilliant astronauts in their rockets?

The Wright Brothers

During our English lessons, we have been learning about how the

Wright brothers designed and built the first powered aircraft capable of being piloted by a person.  We ordered the events in our books and are now writing captions and sentences for each picture.

Take a look at our wonderful work.

Music and Art

In music and art lessons, we have been listening and responding to 'The Planets' by Holst.  We have focused on contrasting four pieces of music: Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Mars.  We wiggled our fingers and moved around to the music.  We also responded to each piece of music using oil pastels.  We noticed that Jupiter was bright and cheerful, Neptune was mysterious, Mars was angry and Mercury was busy.  

Place Value

In maths lessons, we have been developing our place value skills.  We have been using lots of maths resources to help us to understand the value of different numbers.  We have compared and ordered numbers and have practised counting in steps of different sizes.  We are nearly ready to begin our next unit on addition and subtraction.