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Welcome to Willow Class 2022-23

Summer Term

This term our project is creative based and titled:


Come To The Fayre


Our key concepts for this term are: 

happiness, friendship, belief


We have been learning about the history of summer fayres in Britain, ordering them on a timeline and researching them to write our own report. 

We are going to be creating our own fayre themed art work. 



We have been reading The Bear and The Piano, which links to our key concepts of friendship and happiness. 

We used the story as a basis for our writing, writing non-chronological reports about Bears, pianos, and the 

Bear who could play the piano!


In Maths we have been learning how do multiply and divide using equal groups of objects. We have been making arrays and are beginning to use this knowledge to help us with multiplication and division questions.  


In Science, we are learning all about plants. We have been learning about different types of flowers and what they need to grow. We have also planted our own seeds in our outdoor area and have made predictions about what we think is going to happen. 


Our question for this unit is: 

How did the Universe come to be?


We are comparing the Christian and Hindu stories of creation. We have created a knowledge organiser, thinking about what we already know, what we would like to know, and adding to it when we learn something new. 


The children in Reception have been very busy. They have been continuing using their phonics to build on sentence writing and writing their own letters to the Bear from the book The Bear and The Piano. 


In Maths, they have been building on their knowledge of numbers, working on addition and subtraction to 10. They have also been working on shapes and patterns. 

Spring Term

This term our project is geography based and is titled:

Aloha, Aloha


Our key concepts are:

Compassion, Belonging, Poverty 

We will be comparing the geography of the United Kingdom and Hawaii, looking at the human and physical features. 


In English we have been reading Lubna and Pebble. We have been learning about refugees and the refugees journey. We used this to write our own information leaflets. 



In math's we have been continuing with our place value and addition and subtraction. 



The children in reception his been very busy with their learning. They have been developing our use of phonics to write full sentences. In math's we have also been practising our number bonds to 5 and 10. 

Autumn Term

This term our project is history based and is titled


They Came, They Saw, The Conquered


Our key concepts for this term are:


Strength, Power, Fairness

We have been learning about The Romans and their invasion of Britain. We have made posters containing lots of Roman facts and created a timeline of Roman events.


In English we have been reading The Lion Inside. It links to our key concept of strength. We have thought about adjectives and similes we could use to describe the main characters and the setting. We will be going on to write our own versions of the story. 


In maths we have been learning about place value. We have been exploring different manipulatives including base 10 and numicon to make different numbers up to 100 and partition them.

Book Bingo

These are our book bingo books for this year. They are displayed on our reading tree. 

Welcome To Our Reception Children

We have also welcomed our new reception children into Willow class. They have been busy exploring the different learning areas indoors and outdoors, as well as beginning to learn phonics.